Swoop Camps in 2018

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Times, when a canopy was only used to safe landing slowly go away. Having technologies which provide us with cutting-edge gear of high quality – we can afford to be more creative. But to stay safe, first you have to learn canopy behavior, aerodnamics, landing patterns, safe and self-aware attitude and then – practice it with someone experienced.

The camp is created and led by Sebastian Dratwa, member of Polish Representation in Canopy Piloting, Dubai World Championship Representative in 2012. Silver medal in Freestyle on DIPC 4 (2013) is a first polish medal in polish canopy piloting. Details of Sebastian’s career are here.

The Canopy Piloting Course – which we call Swoop Camp – is not only about swooping. It is about safety under a canopy. High performance landing are very attractive but also dangerous. This course is dedicated to both: beginners and advanced pilots. For all those who want to feel more confident  (not as a victim, but as a pilot – as Brian Germain often says), and for all those who just want to swoop better.

Every landing in Swoop Camp is recorded and debriefed individually, so everyone – regardless piloting level – can take part.

Price: 600 zł for coaching and theory lessons + 80 zł / hop&pop with landing recording.

Price include:

> 10 hop&pop  (2000m) with high opening
> Theory lessons
> Briefing before every jump and planned tasks
> Debriefing after every jump and landing overview
> Video materials from all jumps

All swoop camps planned for this season can be found in CALENDAR SECTION.

  • Swoop Camp w sezonie 2019 Wyjątkowe kursy pilotażu czaszy: dla początkujacych i dla swoopujących. Zajęcia i trening prowadzi Sebastian Dratwa.
  • Skoki nad Helem w 2019 Spektakularne widoki, lądowania na plaży i niełatwe lotnisko… Sky Camp Baltic to najpiękniejsze miejsce do skakania w Europie!

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