Sky Camp Baltic in 2017

Sky Camp Baltic is definitely the most spectacular place to skydive – no matter if we mean solo skydives or tandem jumps. In 2015 we will organize 6 Baltic camps:



25-26 May  *** 28-30 June *** 4-7 July  *** 26-28 July *** 8-11 August ***
*** 22-25 August *** 6-8 September ***

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We have plenty of opportunities to jump over most beautiful place in Poland, and probably one of the best in this part of Europe. Every jump is just extraordinary, spectacular and simply great. And the community spirit which makes this place perfect is created by you – skydivers and first-time tandem jumpers. Emotions, joy and hapiness fill the air!

Info for solo skydivers:

The official limit is 100 jumps + PJ(B) or other equivalent B license. Please, remember that the limit might change due to weather conditions.