Become a skydiver – AFF training

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.

Leonardo da Vinci

What is AFF?

The purpose of AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) training is to teach a Student to jump safely from 13,000 ft on a wing canopy. We don’t require any jumps done before or medical documents to do AFF course, so you can start right away! The only thing that stops you is the limitations you have in your head.

How does the AFF look like?

No surprises – first you take theory lessons: Friday evening and Saturday morning. After that you participate in ground training to make sure you memorized all important aspects of your first jump. Then… you get a suit, a helmet, an altimeter, radio in your ear, and – of course – a parachute. And you’re ready to jump!

After your first jump with 2 instructors and safe landing (don’t worry, it really IS safe) your instructor will analyze a video from a freefall part. You will get full, professional feedback and the video content as well. The instructor will let you know who your canopy flight was and what could have been done better. Then he decides if you’re ready to jump with 1 instructor or it’s safer to do one more jump with 2 instructors.

How many jumps do I have to do to finish AFF?It only depends on you. The minimum is 5 assuming that you’re doing really great and you memorize things easly. Not everyone is able to deal with internal fear with ease. The average is 6-8 jumps, but your instructor will only let you do your exam jump once he’s sure you are ready for it. It will look just like this one on the video:

How much will it cost me?Again – it depends on how well you’re doing in the course. If you follow instructions, if you don’t have problems with dealing with fear, if you focus on excerises…. You can save some money!
The theory and ground training is 300 PLN
1 jump with 2 instructors is 750 PLN
1 jump with 1 instructor is 550 PLN

An average path is 2 jumps with 2 instructors, and – let’s assume – 5 jumps with 1 instructor. This will make a cost of:

400 + (2 x 750) + (5 x 550) = 4,650 PLN

It can be less and it can be more – it’s only up to you!


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